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Real Estate Tip #3 Availability

Your home may not be selling for one of these top two reasons.

If you look at the data, there are many reasons why a home may not sell. The top cause, of course, is the price.

Another reason sellers often overlook is they’re not allowing their home to be shown as often as possible. They’re putting restrictions on when an agent can show the home.

For example, I had sellers that did not want their home shown after sunset. They felt it showed much better during the day. Yet, some buyers can only see homes after work. In the wintertime, that’s after sunset.

And guess what?

In that example, the buyer who viewed the home in the evening actually purchased the home. Had the sellers not agreed to the evening showing, that particular buyer most likely would NOT have bought the home. And it would have sat on the market much longer.

Your home should be ready to show at all times. You never know when a buyer will be interested or when you may get a showing request.

The more your home is available to show, and the faster an agent can show a potential buyer, the more likely you will have a successful sale.

Some sellers think, well, if I decline this showing, they’ll request another one that’s more convenient for me.

But that’s rarely the case.

You never know the buyer’s circumstances. On several occasions I’ve had buyers come into town for two to three days, and their entire goal, while they’re here, is to find and purchase a property. And on the list of homes that they wanted to see, there have been times when sellers have declined showings, and it was a missed opportunity for those sellers.
In each of these instances, buyers went on to purchase properties that weekend.

So if you’re selling your home, remember to keep it ready and available at all times. While it may seem inconvenient, you’ll get your house sold faster. And isn’t that the goal?

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