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6 Reasons To Talk With Jamie Bevelacqua Today

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Top shelf, cream of the crop, best of the best—with each of these phrases you KNOW that you’re getting the quality you desire.And when it comes to SELLING your home, having outstanding representation is a must.

But what goes into superior representation? And what should a seller look for?

It probably goes without saying that these qualities would be expected:

• Honesty
• Good communication
• Professionalism
• Extensive knowledge of the market
• Strong connections in the community

So if an agent checks off all THESE boxes, then what other attributes should YOU seek out?

Jamie Bevelacqua understands this dilemma and works tirelessly to make your selling experience a cut above the rest.

Here are 6 reasons you should talk to her today about selling your home or property:

  • #1: Unmatched Negotiation Skills That Close the Deal

    Jamie has extensive knowledge of the many aspects of successful negotiating. Thanks to over 10 years of specifically working with investors and being an investor herself, she is a seasoned expert.

    Her experience has taught her to be:
    • Well-versed in all types of financing options
    • Adept at predicting and understanding market trends
    • Creative in putting a deal together

    Bottom Line? As the seller, you can rest assured that Jamie has the negotiation skills to sell your home in the timeframe you discuss and for the BEST price that the market allows.

  • #2: Consistent Support System That Creates a Seamless Process

    Aligning with a team that provides top-notch support is what every great leader does.

    And Jamie is no exception.

    She chose Coldwell Banker, Tony Hubbard Realty, because of their professional, client-focused approach. They have a proven track record and significantly contribute to a seamless process—from beginning to end.

    Bottom Line? One specific way you’ll notice their standard of excellence, is that every transaction is handled with the upmost attention through the entire process. Additionally, you can expect that your home will be represented in its absolute-best light with professional photography.

  • #3: Not-Your-Normal Videography to Make Your Home Stand Out

    It’s no secret that much of the marketing of a home takes place first-and-foremost online. And as a result, it’s become standard procedure to include video slide shows of available homes.

    But this is just another example of how Jamie surprises and delights her clients.

    She has a full-time professional videographer on her team that creates CUSTOM, quality-rich video footage of your home.

    Bottom Line? There is a 403% increase in inquiries on a home that is marketed using videography. But Jamie doesn’t stop there. She helps potential buyers imagine what it would feel like to live in your home. She shows them the lifestyle and benefits they gain when they purchase it.

  • #4: A Dedicated Copywriter to Effectively Market Your Home

    The purchase of a home is an emotional decision.

    A copywriter that understands the psychology behind purchasing behaviors and knows how to paint a picture with the written word is a valuable resource for effective and powerful marketing.

    Jamie’s team includes a dedicated copywriter for this reason.

    Bottom Line? Jamie doesn’t just present your home’s features to potential buyers, but she creates a narrative that includes the “WHY” behind YOUR home. All of her marketing efforts take this piece-of-the-puzzle into account. A buyer will get a clear vision of how your home will benefit them and their family.

  • #5: Pro Tips From an Interior Design Specialist

    We’ve all heard that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” And this is definitely TRUE when you’re having potential buyers view your home.

    Unfortunately, we’re not all born with an eye-for-design. And even if you’ve been told that you have exceptional taste, you may have become used to things in your home that will be noticed by first-time guests.

    An Interior Design Specialist provides Jamie’s sellers with feedback that ensures their home will stand head-and-shoulders above all the competition.

    Bottom Line? There’s power in collaboration. And thanks to a team of creatives that Jamie has assembled, your home will be showcased exceptionally well.

  • #6: SEO Website That Targets People Who Want to Relocate to Florida

    You probably KNOW that you have an exceptional property with unique features.

    Or you understand that your home is going to require a specific TYPE of buyer.

    Whichever is the case, it might seem overwhelming to think about how to find that one perfect family that will love your home as much as you do.

    Understanding this challenge and having a passion for the Clermont area, prompted Jamie and her team to put together a high-quality website that targets those who want to relocate to Central Florida.

    Bottom Line? Jamie has not only positioned herself as a relocation specialist—providing quality resources to potential out-of-state buyers—but her optimized websites lets Google do the work to bring viable clients to her—and ultimately to you.

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