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3 Compelling Reasons Clermont Florida Is a Great Place to Raise a Family

You make decisions every day.

Some are easy and have short-term consequences—like coffee or tea? Others are bigger—perhaps harder—and have longer lasting effects.

WHERE you raise your family is definitely one that fits in that second category.

I believe that if a move is in your future, Clermont Florida should be on your SHORTLIST.

Named one of the top 20 cities in America and number 3 in the Central Florida area, Clermont is clearly one of the best Orlando suburbs. Here are 3 of my favorite reasons your family should call Clermont, home.

  • #1: Healthy Living is Made Easy

    When it comes to making healthy choices, Clermont doesn’t just “talk the talk.”

    Known as the “Choice of Champions,” it’s recognized internationally for being a place where world-class athletes come to live and train.

    And it pays off.

    This pro-athletic mindset trickles over into the culture—where many of our residents regularly embrace a fit and healthy lifestyle.

    Places like the National Training Center, as well as the highly anticipated Olympus development, make it possible for seniors, families, students, rehab patients, and elite athletes to come together with one common goal—to become healthier, stronger, and more fit.

    But opportunities to engage in an active lifestyle extend beyond our top-notch facilities.

    The Coast to Coast trail, which will connect St. Petersburg to Titusville, happens to run right through Clermont. In fact, when it’s all connected Clermont will be in the middle of the 275 miles—making it a safe and family-friendly option for walkers, cycling adventures, running, longboarding, and dog walking.

  • #2: Our Inspiring Terrain is Uncommon in Florida

    Because we are known for our white-sand beaches and palm trees, most out-of-state guests would be surprised to find that Clermont has its own version of a mountain—Sugarloaf Mountain.

    It’s actually the highest point on the geographic Florida peninsula, at 312 feet above sea level. And thanks to a mid-Florida ridgeline that runs through the center of the state, Clermont has LOTS of rolling hills.

    Add to that, 14 lakes and you have the ingredients for beautiful scenery throughout the city.

    It’s hard to put a price on the inspiration that comes from enjoying a cup of coffee as you watch the sunrise over a sparkling lake, or happen to catch a sunset as it tucks behind a rise in the road.

    But that is what we get to enjoy daily from many vantage points here in Clermont.

  • #3: You Get a Small-Town Vibe With All the Extras

    Despite being a city of approximately 35,000 people, Clermont has done a great job of maintaining a small-town feel.

    Perhaps it’s the weekly downtown Farmer’s market that takes place on Sundays—or the 2 breweries in Historic Clermont offering food, craft beer, and live music.

    Quaint family-owned shops, a 226 ft. Citrus Tower providing views of the surrounding 8 counties, and a Tikki bar on Lake Minneola also add to the warm and welcoming small-town charm.

    More one-of-a-kind activities—than could be squeezed into a year—are all within close proximity to the city of Clermont.

    Surprisingly, homes are still much more affordable than even one town over towards Orlando. And taxes? Well, they are still significantly lower as well.

Is Your Curiosity Peaked?

It’s hard not to let our passion for this awesome city permeate everything we say and write. But it’s really just a great place to live and an even better place to raise a family.

I love helping our visitors become residents!

If you’re interested in knowing more, feel free to contact me!

Surprisingly Affordable

Affordability is all about the numbers.

Understanding how far your dollar will “stretch” in a place you want to call home, is often a key decision-making factor when determining where to live.

Thanks to cost-of-living formulas it’s pretty easy to compare different cities. And you may be surprised at how much neighboring towns or cities can actually vary.

Lake County has a low cost of living score thanks to:

Desirable Location

Location. Location. Location.

Clermont Florida hit the jackpot in regards to location.

If you’re looking for the welcoming vibe that comes from a small-town feel, yet you desire the great amenities of a large city, then Clermont Florida is an impressive option to call home.

A quick 35-minute drive into Orlando gives you access to:

  • Orlando’s International and executive airports

  • Walt Disney World

  • Sea World

  • Universal Studios

  • All the cultural and dining options that every metropolitan city boasts

  • Many nationally-ranked hospitals

  • Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center

  • Amway Center

  • Camping World Stadium

Because of our geographic location, either Florida coast is within a 1-2 hour drive.

And thanks to a mid-Florida ridge-line we have more character in our topography than anywhere else in Florida.

In fact, with over 1,000 lakes and the highest point in the Florida peninsula—Sugarloaf Mountain—you’ll never lack a stunning view.

All of this is found in one of the friendliest counties in all of our state.

Check out our map below that highlights why so many of our visitors turn into residents.

If you’re interested in knowing more, feel free to email me, Jamie HERE

I love helping our visitors become residents

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